Satellite Image Gallery

Here will be built a collection of some of the more interesting archive satellite images taken over the UK. All images are taken from NOAA satellites and processed by the Remote Sensing Research Group at the Department of Geography, University of Berne, Switzerland, or the MODIS Rapid Response System, generally cropped to centre over the UK from the original full size.

Click on the thumbnail to open the full size image (minimum 750x750 pixels) in a new window.

11 Dec 2005
11 Dec 2005

Smoke plume from the Buncefield Oil Depot explosion is clearly visible over Greater London area.
10 Jan 2006 10 Jan 2006

A vigorous low pressure system to the NW of Scotland.
12 Mar 2006 12 Mar 2005

Depression with occlusion and wave to the W of Iceland, warm front over the UK and extensive snow cover in Norway.

1 April 2006

Cyclonic vorticity to the W of Ireland, large convective cells over Ireland, occlusion to the N of Scotland, trough exiting the E coast of England, cloud streets over Britain and NW France.
15 July 2006

High res image of a virtually cloud free SE England
8 Sept 2006

High res image, large fair-weather cumulus development over the SE of England.
8 Dec 2006 8 Dec 2006

This Low underwent rapid cyclogenesis over Biscay before bringing stormy conditions across northern France. Image shows comma over Biscay.

4 March 2007 4 March 2007

Low pressure to W of Ireland with "hammerhead".
8 Dec 2006 27 May 2006

982 hPa LP in the left exit of a jet. Centre of LP in the Channel between the SW coast of England and Brittany, which brought wet and windy and cool Bank Holiday weather to much of the UK.

19 Dec 2009 19 Dec 2009

Shows extent of snow cover over E and SE England, with a gap over the London area.