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Mean Temperature: 5.49 C
0.17 °C higher than site average
Rainfall: 114.6 mm / 51 rain days
56% of the site average
/ 1 more than site average

Sunshine: 175.6 hours
Just above area average

 SITE RECORDS (since 1984) - MORE
 Highest Temperature
 36.5 °C ( 97.7 °F ), 10 Aug 2003
 Lowest Temperature
 -10.0 ºC ( 14.0 ºF ) 13 Feb 1985
 Lowest Daytime Maximum
 -6 ºC ( 21.2 ºF ) 12 Jan 1987
 Mean Annual Temperature
 10.95 ºC ( 51.71 ºF )
 Highest Daily Rainfall
 57.0 mm ( 2.24 ins ) 12 Oct 2000
 Average Annual Rainfall
 695.1 mm ( 27.37 ins )
 Driest year
 2005 ( 424.7 mm / 16.7 ins)
 Wettest Year
 2000 ( 1032.7 mm / 40.66 ins )
 Average Annual Wet Days >0.2mm
 164 ( min 129, max 206 )
 Average Annual Wet Days >=1mm
 124 ( min 90, max 147 )
 High Barometer
 c. 1045 hPa, 3 Mar 1990
 Low Barometer
 c. 951 hPa, 25 Feb 1989

 Light rain \ Rain
MEASUREMENT   Last updated: 27/6/2017 21:30, UTC+1
Temperature 16.0°C HIGH: 20.9°C , LOW: 13.3°C
Wind 0.1 mph   N Gust: 0.0 mph
Max today: 7.0 mph
Pressure 29.60 in. -0.9hPa/3hr  Steady
Dewpoint 15.2°C  Relative Humidity: 95%
"Feels Like" 20.1C °C (Humidex Apparent Temperature)
Rain total/rate 0.56 in. / 3.0/hour  0 day(s) without rain


This is a private automatic weather station (AWS) based in South East England, and reported data is neither official nor part of the UK Met Office network. This AWS does not conform to Met Office standards - which are far too stringent for most amateurs but the readings give a good indication of weather conditions in the "average" local back garden.

Information is provided for general interest only and use of any data is entirely at your own risk. Live weather updates are available most evenings and weekends.


WEATHER: The month was mainly settled during the first half, but often rather cool and very cloudy with northerly or easterly winds. In mid month it was wet and somtimes windy for a short spell before becoming mainly fine and settled again, and rather warm at times.
TEMPERATURE: Mean 1.6 °C above average. Temperatures during the first 10 days of May were on the low side, especially at night, under the influence of winds from the North Sea. Thereafter the days and nights were rather warmer than average especially after the 22nd.
RAINFALL: 62.2 mm, 134% of site average. The first half of May was rather dry with mainly light rain. The bulk of the month's rain fell on three days from the 17th - 19th, after which it turned drier again despite a thunderstorm on the night of the 29th. Thunder was heard on three days and hail was observed on one.
SUNSHINE: 154.0 hours, well below average. The first 19 days of May were very cloudy and often dull totalling under 60 hours sunshine. However the 20th - 27th was very sunny with over 70 hours of sunshine recorded.

Full monthly stats for May 2017.


The SITE/WEATHER FAQS page provides some info about weather records and averages for Tonbridge and Kent. TONBRIDGE WEATHER NOTES - some anecdotal records of notable local weather events from 1692 onwards. Comprehensive SITE WEATHER RECORDS.   PHOTOS of "The Tonbridge Twister" from August 2002.

This Weather Widget is provided by the Met Office

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